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State Certified Pre-Fabricated Structures: Does My Pre-fabricated Structure Need to be State Certified?

When it comes to pre-fabricated structures, it’s important to be informed about the state certifications youCourt -House-2 will need in order to install your structure in a particular location. Many customers do not know that required state certifications exist until they contact Shelters Direct. We’re happy to assist you with navigating your state’s particular certifications, but you can expedite the time of your project if you educate yourself about certifications beforehand. What does state certification mean and how does it integrate into the timeline of your project? In today’s blog, Shelters Direct examines the importance of adhering to your state’s specific certifications regarding pre-fabricated structures.


What is state certification?

State certification is a state-licensed official review and approval of drawings prior to fabrication of a structure. These certifications ensure that the structure is meeting all current Building Codes.  Codes can include, but are not limited to, energy, plumbing and electrical requirements.  Not all states have these requirements, so it is important to inquire about certifications, as this process can drastically affect the cost of your building.


What are the state certification requirements for my state?

State certification requirements differ from state to state, but they can also differ from county to county and township to township. The best way to learn more about local certifications for pre-fab structures is to simply contact your local permitting office and ask them.  This information is beneficial to know before asking Shelters Direct for a quote.


How does certification affect my project?

In order to meet current building codes, the following features will need to be upgraded from our standard product to one that adheres to the standards of your state/county/town:


  • The R and U rating of insulation could increase. This makes the dimensions of the walls wider. Also, insulation might need to be continuously wrapped from the floors to walls and ceiling.


  • Instead of using standard clear tempered safety glass, you will need to get insulated Low E glazing, and in some cases it will also need to be tinted. The amount of glass that you are permitted in your booth also decreases.  All of this is based on the energy codes that need to be met.


  • If you have requested an HVAC system in your structure, a high SEER rated system is needed. Depending on the size of your structure, it may be possible that a ductless mini split system is needed rather than an HVAC unit.


  • The U rating for the doors, ceilings and wall will increase.


  • Electrically, lighting needs to meet the current energy codes and the amount of lighting that is allowed on one switch can change as well.


Shelters Direct takes pride in knowing which states require state certifications.  Not only that, we also make sure we are aware of what year that particular state is following for their building codes.  The majority of states require certification, but again, you should check with your local permitting office.


 What is the process if the structure needs to be state certified?

Shelters Direct will provide you with preliminary drawings of your structure with all of the necessary codes being met for your state.  You will review them and make any changes that you deem necessary.  shelters_main2Once everything is finalized between you and us, we send the drawings to a Professional Engineer to be reviewed and stamped.  The drawings then get sent directly to the official at your state for review and approval.  Once the state approves the drawings, we are able to start fabrication.

It is an expensive and lengthy process, but it is important to keep in mind that you are getting a structure that is not only good for the environment, but it is also going to assist in keeping anyone that occupies the structure more comfortable.



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