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Smoking Shelters

  • Biodiesel and Gasoline Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Biodiesel and Gasoline Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Biodiesel and Gasoline Petroleum Storage Tanks

Our aluminum and steel smoking shelters are used by just about every kind of industry you could imagine including public buildings, hospitals, assisted living facilities, manufacturing plants, commercial offices, casinos, restaurants, and hotel/resorts to name a few.

Because each shelter is fabricated to order in aluminum or steel we can provide the “basic” bronze aluminum structure or we have the capabilities to provide structures with a higher level of architectural appeal.  Some of the advanced items include standing seam hip roofs, architectural moldings, or flashing kits to secure the shelter to your existing building.

Most smoking shelters are manufactured with open ventilation space, however, we have manufactured many that are fully enclosed with separate ventilation and exhaust systems, full length walls, and doors with automatic closers.

Typical Applications

  • Smoking Shelter
  • Smoker’s Shack
  • Smoking Hut
  • Smoking Enclosure

Other items to consider when ordering a smoking shelter include:

  • Seating requirements
  • ADA (American with Disabilities Act) construction
  • Astray & trash collection
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Exhaust and/or smoke eaters

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