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Pre-Engineered Canopies

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Pre-Engineered Canopy

23’x52′ ‘ Smoking Canopy – Campbellsville, KY

Pre-Engineered Canopy

36’x36’ Pre-engineered Canopy


Shelters Direct is recognized as an industry leader of canopy design, sales and installation. For over two decades, we have provided our customers with the highest quality pre-engineered steel canopies and the service that goes along with canopy design, sales and installation.

A canopy is incredibly useful for protecting the lifespan of the equipment that it houses as well as shielding employees and visitors from the elements. Because they offer shelter from rain, snow, hail, and other detrimental weather events, they provide crucial protection for vehicles, people, equipment, and other applications. Any sensitive equipment that should not be exposed to the elements should be sheltered by a canopy, whether that equipment be a gas pump, ATM, or a toll booth.


Typical Applications

Standard Features

  • ASTM round or square columns
  • Maintenance free ACM fascia
  • Cross beams and roof purlins
  • Wide flange girders for larger clear span areas
  • Interlocking deck pans

Canopy Options

  • Optional standing seam gable and hip roof assemblies (metal or wood)
  • Drainage systems including the use of internal or external drains and gutters
  • Internal electrical access conduits
  • Lighting (underneath or exterior fascia)
  • Optional sign brackets / posts if required
  • Optional design to include uneven terrain or footer elevations
  • Optional side / end walls (steel, aluminum, or glass)
  • Concealed Footers / Columns or Surface Mounting
  • Column wraps
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