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How Much Does a Canopy Cost?

What Affects Canopy Cost?


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Here at Shelters Direct, we receive many inquiries from customers hoping to get a quick price on a pre-engineered canopy. Our main goal for every customer is to provide quick, responsive, pricing. When pricing a canopy, it’s important to take the time to consider various factors. Canopies are basic structures, so it’s understandable to think pricing is readily available. In order to properly price a pre-engineered canopy, our estimators must consider the following:



When pricing a canopy, it is imperative to know where your canopy will be located. The reason canopy location is so important is because environmental factors need to be calculated to ensure proper pricing.  Are you looking for a canopy installation in the Midwest? What about New England? For all locations, your canopy price will have a “wind load” and “snow load” calculation. These calculations are performed by a licensed engineer who is responsible for relaying the information to your estimator. These calculations vary state to state and can be substantially different in the same state. The exact location of your canopy will be considered and calculated to ensure this information is included in your quote.


Pre-engineered canopies are not a “one size fits all” structure. Sizes of canopies are variable depending on what you need and what you want to cover. Design considerations such as number of columns can affect the price of your canopy because that will determine how much site work is needed to make your project a success. Spacing of columns and clearance from the ground to the decking can also affect price. Shelters Direct will work with you to determine the best pricing options based on the size of your canopy.

Canopy cost

Canopy cost could be affected by customer fascia (shown here).


As stated before, a canopy is a basic structure, but certain finishes and aesthetic decisions can affect pricing. All of our canopies come with a standard red oxide primer on the structural steel and columns, but a finish coat adds extra protection. Finish painting is not included and must be completed after the canopy installation. If you want to add even more protection from the elements, we offer a “hot dipped galvanized” option. With this option, the canopy pieces are dipped for extra protection against the elements. This process happens after canopy pieces are fabricated, but before they are erected. Custom fascia colors can also determine the price of your canopy. If you’re looking for a custom color shade to match surrounding structures, Shelters Direct can assist you in the color matching process.


As always, Shelters Direct is dedicated to working with you and your team to provide you a price on your canopy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming project. If you’re interested in learning more about our recent pre-engineered canopy projects, visit our Featured Project section of our website! Our Canopy Gallery also showcases various canopy jobs.


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