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How Bad Weather Affects Pre-Fabricated Structures


Weather, Pre-Fabricated Structures, and Pricing:

Thankfully, Tropical Storm Hermine didn’t cause too much damage to the Mid-Atlantic area. Wind and rain was the extent of Hermine’s impact through Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. As we gear up for the hurricane season, it’s important to understand how weather like Hermine can impact your pre-fabricated structures. Unforeseen weather (like Hermine) is actually built into the price of your structure. In this week’s blog, Shelters Direct examines why weather plays such an important role in pricing your structure.


We don’t have a square footage cost

Customers often ask Shelters Direct why we don’t have a square footage price for our products and one reason is based on the weather in your location. While our products are simplistic, we are not a “one size fits all” company. Elemental considerations of your location will always affect the price of your structure. Below we feature some common weather-based considerations.


High Snow Area

If your structure is designed for a location with annual snowfall, your quote will be based on the “snow load” that is calculated in your area. For shelters, gable roofs and hip roofs are the most common type of roof in areas that see a high snowfall, but they are not required if your location sees a lot of snowfall. Canopies do not need hip roof or gable roofs, but can always be added as an aesthetic choice.

Another common snow concern is snow drifts. “Drift loads” calculate the proximity of buildings close to your structure that have the potential to drift snow onto your structure’s roof. In the event of heavy snowfall and high winds, higher buildings are capable of throwing more snow onto the roof of your structure. These calculations keeps your shelter safe, but also help suggest what type of shelter modifications you’ll need.

Wind Loads

Areas that have the potential to experience high wind gusts also affect the price of a structure and there are various types of wind loads to consider. The average amount of wind that flows through any area needs to be considered when pricing and designing a structure. High winds can compromise a structure because of the pressure that is put against it. The size of your structure determine the effects of high winds. Most wind loads are designed for the pressure that wind can put on your structure. These are carefully calculated for safety.


Elemental Factors Must be Calculated

Snow loads, drift loads, and wind loads are the certain type of codes that an engineer must research for your location. Codes for shelters are little more lenient, but still need to be reviewed by an engineer.  Canopy drawings, however, always have to be stamped by a professional engineer. Loads vary state-by-state and can even be different in the same county! Because of this, careful consideration and calculation must be done in order to ensure a safe design. Understanding these calculations aren’t just important; they’re mandatory. These calculations ensure that your structure is designed safely and efficiently. Shelters Direct is here to help you with your questions regarding specific loads, but submitting your drawings to an engineer beforehand will help your project move forward


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