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3 Types of Facilities That Can Benefit From a Canopy

Canopies may be a common sight, but they’re often overlooked. Useful for a broad range of industries, canopies offer shelter and protection for both people and equipment that needs to be kept out of the harsh path of the elements. Once you begin to notice canopies, you’ll realize that they are used by all sorts of different facilities. In today’s blog, learn more about how canopies offer benefits for a range of different types of facilities.


Could your facility benefit from the addition of a canopy?

Fueling Facilities

When one thinks of canopies, gas stations are often the type of facility that first comes to mind. You’ll likely find a canopy at just about any major canopy across the country, and they’re so common for good reason. A fuel island canopy can not only protects clients from adverse weather as they fill up their cars, but they also protect your equipment as well. Fuel pumps, card readers, and other equipment will see a much longer lifespan when protected by a canopy system. Protect your most important equipment as well as your clients with a high-quality prefabricated fuel island canopy.

Parks and nature centers

For entrances to national parks, nature centers, or any other protected outdoor area, you’ll likely need a guard booth where visitors pay for the entrance fee. When visitors roll down their windows to speak to an attendant, the last thing they want is to get drenched with rain. By installing a prefabricated canopy, you’ll keep your employees and visitors more comfortable in all kinds of weather.

Commercial & Industrial Applications

As mentioned above, canopies are ideal for fueling facilities and parks and nature centers, but canopies also have a large presence at commercial and industrial facilities such as loading docks, water treatment facilities, and stormwater/runoff sites. With the new regulations in many states for stormwater management, canopies can be an effective tool in preventing runoff of fuel, oils, and any other source of water pollution.

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