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3 Enclosures That Every University Should Consider

Universities are hubs of activity, often both day and night. This means that security is a major concern because of the constant comings and goings of students, faculty, and visitors. To ensure that your university is safe and secure, investing in the right enclosures can go a long way in protecting your people and your property. Learn more about the most effective types of enclosures that will promote a safer campus in this week’s blog, below.


Universities can greatly benefit from the addition of the right enclosures.

Parking booth

Installing a parking booth where employees can monitor parking lot activity can go a long way in preventing theft. Car theft is extremely common because when thieves see valuables in a car, if the lot is unmonitored then they may be tempted to break a window to gain access. By installing a parking booth in your main lot and staffing it with security personnel, opportunistic thieves will be discouraged before a crime has been committed.

Guard shack

Security guard patrols are an effective way to monitor the safety of your campus, but your employees need a safe place where they can rest between patrols and keep an eye on campus activity. A guard booth is the perfect way to do this. A guard shack from Shelters Direct can even be customized with features such as an HVAC system and a restroom to provide your employees with important creature comforts during their shift.

Equipment shelter

Chances are good that your university has a stash of groundskeeping equipment that helps you keep campus looking its best. If you don’t store these items securely, they are at risk of being stolen or degrading from exposure to the elements. To prevent this from happening, an equipment shelter can protect your machinery when it’s not in use so you can be sure that it will function properly when it’s needed.

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