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Entry Control Point Booth Installation

Bullet Resistant Guard Shack Installation


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    Seating Quantity
    4' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    6' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    8' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    10' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    12' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    14' Aluminum Bench w/Backrest
    Electrical/Lighting Quantity
    Standard Electrical Package – 1 fluorescent light 120V
    Solar powered LED lighting
    Exhaust Fan
    Heat Quantity
    Ceiling mounted infrared heater
    Air Conditioning Quantity
    9,900 BTU Thru-wall air conditioning
    HVAC Quantity
    11,600 BTU Heat/Air Conditioning Unit
    Doors Quantity
    36" Aluminum swing door (all glass) with lock
    36" Aluminum swing door (half glass) with lock
    Miscellaneous Quantity
    Wall mounted ash tray
    Combo ash tray with waste disposal
    Wall mounted waste disposal

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