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Bullet Resistant Guard Building

4x8 custom guard building SDB117


This custom designed guard booth was supplied to a high security government facility.  To comply with recent threat protection requirements, this booth was built in accordance with UL 752 Level III bullet resistant standards.  Additional aesthetic features include custom fascia, granite exterior wall panels and tinted windows.

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Structure Information


Lighting Quantity
Interior Fluorescent Lighting (Standard)
Exterior mounted spot/flood lighting
Exterior mounted metal halide wall pack security lighting
LED lighting (Interior)
LED lighting (Exterior)
Heat Quantity
5600 BTU Wall Mounted Fan Forced Electric Heater
13,500 BTU Wall Mounted Fan Forced Electric Heater
Air Conditioning Quantity
9,900 BTU Thru-wall air conditioning
13,500 BTU Roof Mounted Air Conditioner
HVAC Quantity
10,000- BTU Heat/Air Conditioning Unit
11,600 BTU Heat/Air Conditioning Unit
Mini split-ductless HVAC system
Doors Quantity
Sliding door (Standard)
36" Aluminum swing door (full glass) with lock and hardware
36" Aluminum swing door (half glass) with lock and hardware
36" Steel swing door (no glass) with lock and hardware
Miscellaneous Quantity
Thru-wall transaction drawer
Under counter storage drawer with lock
Sliding Ventilation window with screen
Commercial Grade Sliding Transaction Window
Empty conduit run for phone / data (each run)
Exhaust fan
Lifting lugs (Allow easy attachment to crane for offloading)

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