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Durable and Functional: Recent Steel and Aluminum Installations at Detroit Commerce Center

In the heart of Detroit, Michigan, a commerce center has recently witnessed a remarkable transformation with these robust and purpose-built structures. Recently, the facility saw the addition of two 8’x8′ Steel Guard Booths, a 10’x20′ Steel Guard Booth, and four 5’x8′ Aluminum 4-sided Shelters. Built with strength and functionality, these structures will enhance the efficiency and durability of the location and its daily users.

10’x20′ Steel Guard Booth: A Prefabricated Powerhouse
Standing just over 11’4″ feet tall, the 10’x20′ Steel Guard Booth is a prefabricated marvel. The galvanized steel floors and galvannealed walls, with a thickness of 2 inches, provide a solid foundation. Featuring two steel swing doors with hydraulic closers, this booth goes beyond expectations.

Two 8’x8′ Steel Guard Booths: Built to Last
Constructed with the utmost durability, the two 8’x8′ Steel Guard Booths at the Commerce Center showcase a commitment to quality. Crafted from galvanized steel for floors and galvannealed walls, boasting a thickness of 2 inches, these booths will withstand the test of time. The addition of a full-length counter, a steel swing door, surface-mounted lighting, and a wall-mounted HVAC unit ensures these booths are not only strong but functional.

Four 5’x8′ Aluminum 4-Sided Shelters: Elegance in Design
Adding a touch of elegance to the Commerce Center, the four 5’x8′ Aluminum 4 Sided Shelters boast an aluminum alloy extrusion with a dark bronzed anodized finish. The flat roof system, combined with an 8″ aluminum bench back and a seat attached to the shelter’s framing, not only offers shelter but also a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Installation at Commerce Center: Winter 2024
The installation of these structures is a testament to their robust construction and resilience. With a focus on strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, these installations are to contribute significantly to the facility’s operations and overall atmosphere.

5’x8′ Aluminum 4-Sided Shelter

8’x8′ Steel Guard Booth

10’x20′ Steel Guard Booth


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